The LIndhaus Activa Silver Blue is a single motor commercial vacuum with added features for the residential home owner. The heart of this quality machine is the Rotafil motor it uses. Since 1960, Rotafil (a Lindhaus sister company) in Italy has made high quality electric motors for many OEM manufacturers. Rotafil ensures a life time between 1,100 to 3,000 hours, making them the longest lasting motors on the market.

Their patented cartridge chevron brushroll that is spin balanced at the factory to 5000RPM, is complimented by three large heavy duty ball bearings (nobody else does this that we know of). The pick-up and grooming of the carpeting is very impressive, we would say outstanding. ABS construction (100% recyclable) for durability and weight, hospital grade 5 stage filtration, (used in hospitals, churches, government buildings, universities and homes worldwide), electronically regulated brushroll height system and soft-start motor electronics for long motor life.

All maintenance areas of Lindhaus vacuums are Antiseptic treated (silver ions) to eliminate bacteria’s, fungi’s and dust mites on contact.

This vacuum cleaner is also a wonderful carpet cleaner! Low-moisture encapsulation carpet cleaning is the 21st century method to clean, remove stains, deodorize and sanitize your carpeting. Because the process is so easy, you will want to clean your carpeting monthly. Come in and see for yourself.

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  • Enviromentally – friendly
  • Uses minimal water
  • Carpet lasts longer
  • Carpet smells fresher, longer
  • Hygienically clean carpets
  • Very fast dry time
  • No air pollution
  • No noise pollution
  • No water pollution
  • No risk of mold or mildew
  • No sticky residue
  • No wick-back
  • Recommended and approved by leading carpet manufacturers


  • Ultra-light machine
  • Strong and versatile
  • Electronic overload control
  • Accessories on board
  • Brush change without any tool
  • Integrated DCS Low-moisture encapsulation cleaning system
  • Interchangeable roller covers

It is equipped with a complete set of on-board accessories including the replacement filter bag.Very versatile. Goes from rugs and carpets to hard floors such as ceramic, marble and wood thanks to a series of roller covers (optional).

The dynamically balanced brush roller is mounted on metal supports with ball bearings. In case of blocking a speed sensor sends the information to the electronic control that switches off the motor immediately. The transmission has a double geared belt.