Are bagless vacuums a good value?

Are bagless vacuums a good value?  I have been selling and repairing vacuum cleaners for over 37 years and have seen a lot in that time.  The one thing that remains the same is that bagless vacuums require constant maintenance.

Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Without a bag to trap the dirt, it accumulates both inside and outside of the vacuum compromising the airflow of the machine and spewing fine dust throughout the home.  The fine dust gets trapped and coated inside all the airflow passages as well as the cyclone.  The medium dirt gets stuck to the filters and the large particles go into the bin.  Airflow starts dropping the minute the machine starts picking up dirt because the dirt on the filters inhibits the flow of air through the filters.

The bagless vacuum design is plagued with twists, turns and tiny air passages that severely restrict airlow.  Without proper airflow, the vacuum is not able to pick up dirt from the floor or carpeting as well as a bagged machine.  In order to restore the bagless vacuum to it’s peak airflow (which is poor to begin with), professional cleaning is needed frequently.

The surface area for filtration of a bagless filter may be about 16 inches whereas a quality bagged vacuum may be 360 inches!  So even when the filters are new, the airflow ability of a bagless vacuum is much less than that of a bagged vacuum cleaner.  To compound the problem, air takes the path of least resistance.  If it can’t flow easily through a filter, it will back up into the machine getting the inside motor and parts very dirty as well as leaking out into your environment.  If dirt is not contained in a bag, dust, fine contaminates and allergens blow throughout the living space.

Quality Bagged Vacuum Cleaner

Quality bagged-vacuums require very little maintenance.  Simply changing the bag when full is all that is needed most of the time. Some bags automatically seal themselves when changing so there is no “poofing” of dust on the way to the trashcan.  One bag change equals 10 to 15 bagless bin dumps!  And, changing the bag on quality, bagged-vacuum has never been easier thanks to cartridge type bag holders.  Pull out and click back on! Simple.

There is no cyclone on a bagged vacuum to trap dust, bacteria, germs, dust mites, dead skin and no filters to wash.  Quality bagged vacuum cleaners do have filters but they are located after the bag so they are not constantly clogged by dirt.   Also, there can be carbon secondary filters to address pet odors and hyper HEPA filters in the final stage that can filter 100% of particles down to 0.3 microns. (Human hair is 30 to 100 microns in thickness).

Clean Home Environment

Vacuuming the carpeting with a quality, bagged-vacuum gets the carpeting much cleaner because of the airflow created resulting in a clean that can be felt.  Carpeting is a dust, dirt and odor catcher and a quality bagged-vacuum is your best bet to get that dust and dirt out of your expensive carpeting.  Follow up monthly with encapsulation carpet cleaning that hygienically cleans and deodorizes and you will be highly impressed on how much cleaner your home feels and smells.  If you have mostly flooring instead of carpeting, that’s ok too.  What you vacuum up from your floor and furniture does not blow around your home resulting in less dusting and a cleaner environment.  Your family and friends will want to know how you have such a clean home!

Having a clean environment begins with a quality, bagged-vacuum cleaner.