Elna Sewing Machines

Elna Sewing Machines

BEWARE! of purchasing a sewing machine online from a store that is beyond driving distance.  What will you do if you have a problem that can’t be handled on the phone?  You will need to box it up and ship it off to wherever you purchased the machine.  


The Elna trademark has always symbolized quality, innovation and service. Today, Elna continues to build the company with these three elements as the foundation.  Elna is a growing company committed to bringing excellence to our customers and our international distribution network. Elna is active in more than 60 countries throughout the world.

Elna’s strength has its roots in our understanding of the fact that we are working with an international market place.  As a result, it is our key objective to address the different needs and trends of various markets in our product development.  Elna has a firm belief in making sewing fun.  And, to make sewing fun, the machines need to be: easy to use, versatile and modern.

As a result, Elna was the first to introduce special features like lightweight machines, automatic needle threader, heirloom stitches, expandability of stitch packages through the invention of interchangeable cams, cartridges, PRO Cards and EnVision Cards.  In addition, Elna has always been famous for the quality of our stitches and the design of our machines.

The Elna product line features Elna sewing machines, Elna overlock/sergers and Elnapress ironing machines. The Elna sewing machine and serger categories host a wide range of products, everything from basic mechanical models to high tech computerized ones, capable of sewing intricate embroidery work.  And, behind each product stands Elna’s dedication to excellence and quality.

Unlike Singer, Pfaff, Viking/Husqvarna, Juki, Brother, Babylock, Shark, White and others, Elna does NOT make poor quality disposable machines in CHINA.  Don’t purchase poor quality throw-away sewing machines from fabric stores, department stores or internet dealers.  The dealer you buy from is the dealer who handles your questions, warranty issues etc…  Choose carefully who you buy from.  Who you purchase from is more important than what you purchase!

You get unlimited “White Glove Service” which means you get first priority, discounts and freebies.  Unlike big stores that do not repair the machines they sell, we service what we sell!  When you purchase a machine from us you are being helped by the service  technician, not just a salesman.  We want you happy with your new quality ELNA machine and will go the extra mile for YOU because YOU are important to us!  Don’t overpay because of a fancy store with high overhead or expensive marketing.  We have been here for decades and have very low overhead which allows us to sell for much less than our competition.  Don’t pay too much elsewhere and get no service or poor service;  purchase in our store and experience “White Glove Service”.

Stop by for a demonstration and let us show you why Elna is the best value for your money on the market today. Really!



We are a full line dealer and sell every model Elna makes for up to 60% off retail!  Below are just some of the models we sell.