LIME-UP – Cleaner-Disinfectant

LIME_UPProduct Description : LIME-UP is an effective general purpose cleaner-disinfectant against odor-causing bacteria. LIME-UP combines a phosphoric acid base with a disinfectant-quat to both clean and disinfect all in one easy step.  Active ingredients- 2.25%.

Application : LIME-UP is effective when either applied with trigger sprayers and/or pump-up sprayers.  This product may also be applied with sponges, pads and Johnny mops.

Safety And stability : Guaranteed shelf life of one year from date of purchase.  EPA Reg. No. 6836-86-09829 EPA Establishment No. 09829 -CA-01.

Effeciency: LIME-UP may be used as a porcelain, tile and chrome cleaner, de-limer and de-scaler, grout cleaner, and heavy duty restroom cleaner-deodorizer.  LIME-UP contains no dyes that may stain some cleaning surfaces.

Diliutions: HEAVY DUTY CLEANING AND DEODORIZING:  Use full strength. NORMAL CLEANING AND SPOT CLEANING:  Dilute 5 to 1 with water.



Packaging :

4 x 1 Gallons per case
12-Quarts per case

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