Bio-Shine – Neutral Floor Cleaner

BIO-SHINE is a concentrated daily floor cleaner that is based on palm, coconut, sugarcane, and corn.  Naturally clean… Bio-Shine is fortified with enzymes to consume waste and neutralize odors.
• Use on natural stone and other grouted floors.
• Effectively cleans without dulling finished hard floors.
• Contains enzymes to boost cleaning power and to reduce odors.
• Tropical citrus fragrance
• Available in gallons and Multi-Task 2 Liter bottles.
Bio-Based Cleaners:
• Ingrediants derived from plant resources grown in USA.
• VOC free.
• No Petroleum based raw materials.
• Environmentally friendly.
• Renewable & Sustainable.
• Bio-Based =greenest way to be green.
• Supports our agricultural industry and reduces our nations dependency on foreign petroleum resources.
BIO-SHINE is specially formulated for daily maintenance of all types of floors, walls, and water safe surfaces.  It can also be used as a rinse additive after stripping to help remove any stripper residue.  BIO-SHINE contains a pleasant tropical fragrance and enzymes to help control odors on all surfaces, recovery tanks, and drains.  Over 76% of ingredients in BIO-SHINE are derived from palm, coconut, sugar cane and corn. DIRECTIONS: 1.  Dilute with water: Daily Damp Mopping – 1 oz/gal (8 ml/litre); Daily Automatic Machine Scrubbing: 2 oz/gal (15 ml/litre); Medium-Duty
Scrubbing – 4-8 oz./gal. (30-65 ml/litre). 2.  When using product at 4-8 oz/gal dilution, rinse fl oors.  Rinsing is optional at the other use-dilutions. 3.  Water-resistant painted surfaces can also be cleaned at use-dilutions of 4-8 oz/gal (30-65 ml/litre) of water.  After cleaning, wipe dry, rinsing is optional. 4.  As a rinse-aid during the stripping operation, use 1 oz/gal of water in the final rinse water.
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