Multi-Shine – Glass & Surface Cleaner

Multi-Clean Multi-Shine Glass Surface CleanerStreak-Free

Multi-Clean Multi-Shine Glass Surface Cleaner is a high performance cleaner for glass, mirrors and polished surfaces.  The product cuts through dirt, grime, smudges and smoke films for fast and easy cleaning with no streaking.  Can also be used on polycarbonate surfaces.

Ready-to-Use Convenience

Ready-to-Use Convenience Multi-Shine’s mildly ammoniated formula combined with special solvents and detergents helps penetrate dirt and soils for rapid easy removal.  Simply spray the surface lightly, then wipe off with a clean rag for a clean, streak-free surface. Used to clean most glass surfaces, including washroom mirrors, light fixtures and countertops.

Save Money & the Environment
The QRS (Quart Refill System) is a program designed to allow customers to refill empty Multi-Shine quart bottles from 5 gallon BIBs (bag-in-box), with no mixing, funnels, pouring or mess. It provides the advantage of quart convenience with economical five gallon pricing.  Purchase 1 case of quarts and a BIB of Multi-Shine to be on the road to big savings.  Contact Us

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