PB14e DCS Encapsulation

Lindhaus PB14 DCS Encapsulation

Lindhaus PB14e DCS Platinum Edition

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Power nozzle for low moisture cleaning of carpets and rugs.

The Lindhaus PB14e DCS Platinum Edition Encapsulation power nozzle is the perfect solution to clean and sanitize carpets and rugs without risk and with minimal effort.  The low-moisture encapsulation method is a modern adaption of the long standing “shampoo method”.  The carpet is scrubbed with Lindhaus high speed brush which thermally activates the product Platinum Encapsulation Solution while simultaneously super oxygenating the product for maximum stain removal.  Stains are quickly oxidized and the attached soil is released from the carpet fiber into the encapsulation solution.  As the product dries, it forms a biodegradable polymer crystal around the dirt, dust mites, mold spores, and other pathogens in the carpet.  The crystals are then simply vacuumed away the next time you vacuum.  So easy you will want to use it weekly!

Environmentally friendly – Uses minimal water – Carpets last longer – Carpet smells fresher longer – Hygienically clean carpets – No water pollution – No sticky residue – No wick back – No flooding the carpet and having mold issues and or carpet stretching.

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