GRE-SA-WAY Grease Emulsifier


Gre-sa-way is a concentrated, water based emulsifier detergent/degreaser. Gre-sa-way is bio-degradable, non-toxic, non-caustic, and non-flammable. It is a NSF-A1 registered cleaner that meets USDA guidelines.  Use in Restaurants, Hotels, Motels, Repair shops, Cafeterias, Hospitals, Schools, Central Kitchens, Rest Homes and more!

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Gre-Sa-Way grease emulsifier instantly changes and emulsifies all types of grease, fats and oils into a soft detergent that is Bio-Degradable and will float freely down the drain leaving no film of accumulation.  It is a concentrated water base emulsifier – NOT a solvent.  Gre-Sa-Way is non-caustic, non-flammable, odorless, non-abrasive and is NSF rated.

Used in restaurants and kitchens, hotels and motels, auto shops, print shops, marina-boating, machine shops, cafeterias, hospitals, schools, heavy duty laundry applications and more…  Leaves a clean shine!  Safer for employees and won’t damage surfaces.

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