IQAir HealthPro Plus


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New Edition IQAir HealthPro Plus

Buy this before there is a crisis with air quality  because these sell out very quickly.  You will be glad you did.     

We know air purification.  We live and breathe it.  We know that no home or business is truly clean unless you filter the air.  We can’t control the quality of the air everywhere, however the IQAir line of air purifiers can help you control the air quality in the most important environment – your home or office.  Your family and or employees will be happy you purchased this wonderful air purifier!

Uniquely suited for Hospitals, Nursing homes, Dental offices, Optometry offices, Attorney offices, Schools and Universities etc…

This air purifier filters out viruses, bacteria, volatile organic compounds, odors, pollen, smoke, harmful chemical vapors, pet dander, mold spores, highway exhaust particles and 99.5% of all particles as small as .003 microns which are the smallest particles that exist.  Once you run this unit in your home or business you will wonder why you did not purchase it a long time ago.  Many people come back and buy more units because of how well they work.  Their neighbors compliment them on how clean their house smells and feels!

We don’t sell any other brand of air purifier because after extensive testing and research, we know that no other air purifier can come close to what IQAir manufacturers.  We have been running our store unit for 10 years, 24hrs a day 7 days a week and it has never failed a particle scan reading, always 0 at .3 microns.  We have tried to make it fail a particle scan test by not changing 1 filter or all of the filters for extended periods of time but we have been happily unsuccessful!  The inside of the unit does not even get dirty and the filters do not release contaminants so no need to wear a dust mask.  Because the unit stays extremely clean and filters so well, it is uniquely suited to people with Asthma, COPD, Allergies and other respiratory conditions.

When you purchase an IQAir air purifier from us, we will take it out of the box and set it up for you.  We will give you as much instruction as you require to feel confident about your new air purifier.  We will even deliver it for free to your home or office if you are a local customer.  If you are in Palm Springs to Calabasas and purchase 8 or more, we will deliver and set them up for free.

We also guarantee that this air purifier will read a (0) particle reading on our $1500.00 particle scanner or the unit is free.  Come in for a demonstration and challenge us to prove that this wonderful air purifier really works.  New 10 year warranty!  Guaranteed lowest price in-store.

Free local delivery and set-up – Visit our store for “White Glove Service”


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