UCL Lift Off – Odorless Stripper


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Ultra Chem Labs Lift Off – Odorless Stripper is a hi-performance floor finish stripper.  This floor finish stripper is ideal for removing most floor finishes from a multitude of floor surfaces.  Lift Off is especially effective with floors that have heavy metal fortified finish build up over extended periods of time.

Lift Off uses safer and effective chemicals to provide the most effective method of removing floor finish with a unique odorless formulation that is safer and pleasant to use.  Designed with Selective Implosion Technology, Ultra Lift Off Stripper implodes the most fortified sealers and floor finishes on a molecular level.  Polymer bonds are unlocked resulting in easy and safe finish removal.  This product will not burn your skin!

EFFICIENT: Super Heavy Duty
• Odorless
• Easy To Clean And Rinse
• Less Mechanical Action Required
• Hypoallergenic
• Ultra Green Approved – Low VOC’s
• Formulated with environmental safer chemicals
• Cold water use

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Gallon, Case of 4/1 Gallon