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Multi-Clean Phos-Clean Bowl and Tile Cleaner contains 20% Phosphoric Acid cutting through hard water scale, lime, rust or soap scum deposits with ease without damaging surfaces or chrome fixtures.  Phos-Clean is formulated to provide cling that allows the cleaner to stay in contact with the areas to be cleaned longer which provides better cleaning with less effort.
Grout Cleaner
Phos-Clean will clean grout back to its original clean appearance.  Apply Phos-Clean directly to the grout, let sit for 10 minutes, agitate with a brush and rinse with fresh
water. Let dry and the grout will look like new.
Use on all Restroom Fixtures
It will also remove stains and scale off of water fountains, milk coolers, chrome fixtures or steam tables.  It should, however be rinsed well. Use in toilet bowls, urinals, tubs, ceramic tile, quarry tile, stainless steel, chrome, fiberglass or any other surface not harmed by mild acids.  Use straight in toilet bowls, urinals or on grout. Dilute 1 part Phos-Clean to 3 parts water for cleaning sinks, showers, chrome fixtures, bathtubs, drinking fountains.
Lime Scale Remover
Use Phos-Clean to remove lime scale buildup around faucet fixtures, drinking fountains and other surfaces.
Safety First
Always wear rubber gloves and eye protection whenever working with any cleaning chemical.  Do not use on marble, terrazzo or natural stone.  Do not mix with other chemicals, especially alkaline, ammonia or bleach cleaners.

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