UCL High Gloss Platinum


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Stop polluting the environment and save money by eliminating stripping cycles!
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Ultra Chem Labs High Gloss Flex Platinum is a Super Durable, Extraordinary Gloss, Burnishable Floor Finish that is Green Seal Approved.  Platinum’s unique dual polymer technology provides extra high durability.  It is designed to extend or eliminate the stripping cycle and only minimum maintenance is required to maintain a high level of performance.  Platinum is formulated with non-styrene polymers.

This results in increased clarity and leveling which allows for high traffic lane touchups and simple blending.  It is super durable, contains no zinc or styrene, is resistant to black heel marks, allows for walk-on repairs, can be used on all types of resilient hard floors, and is resistant to pad burns and soil embedment.  Maintain floor finish and condition it with Ultra Chem Labs Cleaner and Conditioner.


  • Green Seal Certified
  • Extra durable
  • Low odor
  • Fast drying (15-45 min)
  • Levels and protects the floor
  • Does not discolor or yellow
  • Easy to apply
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Provides long lasting protection


  •  UCL Approved Green
  •  Certified by Green Seal™
  •  Non-Zinc
  •  Non-Metal
  •  Low VOC’s


  • Drying time: 15-45 min (depending on humidity)
  • Gloss Level (at recommended coats): 80-90
  • Slip Resistance: Platinum exceeds Slip Resistance standards when tested according to ASTM D3052-87: 0.6

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