Scout RX1 Robot

Miele Scout RX1 Robot

The Scout RX1 Robot is one smart fella.  Optimum cleaning performance on hard flooring and low pile carpeting.  Come in today for a demonstration.

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  • Miele Scout RX1 Robot
  • Smart Navigation for cleaning difficult to reach areas
  • Sweeping, brushing and vacuuming with the Triple Cleaning System
  • Extremely long battery life – Non-Stop Power
  • Furniture protected by Furniture Protection Technology
  • Cleaning right into the corners – Advanced Corner Cleaning
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Miele Scout RX1 RobotSmart navigation system

Better view – better cleaning

Intelligent travel: With its reliable navigation system, rooms are thoroughly cleaned even in corners.

Advanced Corner Cleaning

Stronger than the dust: The Scout RX1 reliably finds every corner and cleans it of dust and dirt.

Triple Cleaning System

Sweeps, brushes and vacuums: Thanks to the Triple Cleaning System, the Scout RX1 removes dust and dirt.


At your disposal: you decide when the Scout RX1 cleans your floors – even when nobody is at home.

Furniture Protection Technology

Moves about without accidents: furniture, stairs, and obstacles are detected and collisions or falls are avoided.

Non-Stop Power

It can be used for longer, for greater cleanliness: Because it runs for longer it is perfect for large rooms.