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Ultra Chem Labs Clean is a one step Carpet/Fabric everything cleaning solution to stains, spills, pet odor, urine grease, pine tar, dirt, brake dust, and even gum.  This high performance cleaner is environmentally conscious and with it’s multiple application use, Clean is extremely economical and can be used with any carpet cleaning equipment and cleaning method regardless of water temperature:  Pre-spray, bonnett cleaning, extraction, truck mount extraction, pad cleaning, spot cleaning.  Ultra Clean can also be combined with Neutralizer (acidic rinse) to boost cleaning performance for all cleaning applications and neutralize prior chemical residue/malodors.  When using in extractors, it also keeps the pump and lines clean because it is a neutral electrolytic product that does not let soil stick.

Overall Ultra Clean is your ideal solution for achieving superb cleaning performance and environmental consciousness in any degree of carpet care or fabric care.  

Utilizing Electrolytic Cleaning Technology allows Cleaner and Conditioner to remove soil by neutralizing the ionic charge of the soil and the surface.  Therefore the targeted soil no longer has the ability to stick to the substrate resulting in easy soil removal which also keeps surfaces cleaner for extended periods of time. 

We have found myriad of uses for this wonderful product.  It is the best and safest grout cleaner on the market and does not damage the grout like acids do.  Replace your current laundry soap with CLEAN and you will be amazed how well it works and how wonderful your clothes feel!  We cleaned pine pitch from our pruning clippers and we wash our vehicles weekly with Clean, Cleaner and Conditioner or Glass and Surface Cleaner!  It cleans the brake dust off easily and cleans, shines and conditions the clear coat without waxing.  The vehicle stays cleaner longer too.  We cleaned our wall here at the store and 3M double back tape would not stick to the surface!!  Ultra Chem Labs products work even better than they say, really.  Come in today for a FREE sample.  We are here to help.Ultra Chem Labs Clean

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  • Ultimate fabric cleaning solution
  • BEST grout cleaner on the market
  • Ultimate carpet cleaning shampoo
  • Removes malodors from carpeting and fabric
  • Excellent replacement for your current laundry detergent
  • Pre-spotter for laundry and carpeting
  • Remove pine tar from pruning snippers
  • Remove gum from carpeting
  • Wash your vehicle
  • Clean interior plastic and vinyl of vehicle
  • Wheel cleaner for vehicle
  • Excellent cleaner degreaser and more.  Once you use this product you will never use anything else!


Environmentally Conscious:

  • Meets third party environmental criteria regarding reduced toxicity, biodegradability, packaging and other characteristics focused on creating a more sustainable environment.
  • CRI certified
  • Contains no two-butoxyethanol
  • Contains no phenol ethoxylates
  • Contains no enzymes or chlorinated solvents


  • Dilution ratios as low as 2 oz/gallon for general carpet cleaning.

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