Protector – Carpet Protector


Ultra Protector is a premium carpet and fabric protector which will repel most liquids, allowing spills to be removed before staining and wicking can occur. Unlike Teflon, Ultra Protector’s Titanium technology base will leave fabrics and upholsteries soft and smooth to the touch. Protector deeply embeds into the fabrics fibers which helps dissipate water faster which accelerates the drying process resulting in quicker more effective protection. Protector also uniformly coats the three dimensions of the fibers and fabrics which provides enhanced surface protection while allowing fibers to breathe from the bottom. As a result, moisture does not get trapped which prevents mold and carpet degradation from accumulated humidity. Use Ultra Protector as part of your carpet care process to keep your carpets/upholsteries/fabrics feeling newer and fresher for the long term.
•Chemical resistant •Enhances the cleaning process •Enhanced surface protection •Helps accelerate drying process •Leaves surface soft and smooth
•Protects against stains and spills •Titanium Based •Water proof
•1 gallon on average covers up to 300-400 sq ft
•Recommended to use a solvent grade pump sprayer at 40 psi
1. After carpets/furniture is thoroughly cleaned through extraction, liberally apply Ultra Protector undiluted to the surface desired. Use a pump sprayer (40 psi), or regular spray bottle depending on the size of the area at hand. Ensure application tool is clean.
2. Make sure to keep a micro fiber or towel on hand to clean Protector off any non-fabric surfaces such as woods, resilient/non-resilient flooring or metals.
3. Protector may last up to three deep cleaning procedures.
4. Clean application tool after using Protector. Keep away from heat, sparks or open flames.