Ultra Chem Labs

ucl-logo Ultra Chem Labs has developed technology for the cleaning industry designed not only to clean more effectively than any conventional chemical product, but also to be socially and environmentally responsible.  Our purpose is to educate the public on the harms that conventional chemicals and methods have on humans and the environment.  We wish to aid the world in abolishing these harmful conventional methods that are, unfortunately, so prevalent in our world today.  There are many reasons why we clean: to protect property, make it look aesthetically pleasing, allow for easier maintenance, ensure safety,  improve health, etc.

Ultra Chem Lab products such as Cleaner & Conditioner, Glass  & Surface Cleaner and Clean are neutral in PH and are suited to any water safe surface.  The competition uses cheap caustic builders in their formulations and require high PH to make them clean effectively.  The problem with high PH is that it can damage surfaces and make them re-soil faster as well as being non-enviromentally friendly. Ultra Chem Labs is not only neutral but it utilizes Electrolytic Cleaning Technology.  By neutralizing the ionic charge of the soil, it no longer sticks to the substrate resulting in easy soil removal and surfaces stay cleaner longer!  Whether your surfaces are natural stone, Carpet, VCT, sheet vinyl, painted surfaces, plastic, chrome and more, electrolytic cleaning works better.

Are you having a hard time cleaning your grout?  We have a non-caustic method that is easy, fast and effective. Grout cleaning made easy! Come in today and let us save you time and money.


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