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When you are in need of a new vacuum cleaner, come into our store and let us custom match you to the machine that suits your needs best. We stock many different priced vacuums that do a variety of different things.  We have true HEPA vacuums, vacuums for ultra soft carpeting, light weight vacuums, entry level to high end vacuums.  When you purchase a new machine from us, we are the dealer and warranty station so if there are any problems, we get the parts and labor from the manufacturer.  Many times we will extend the manufacturers warranty at no extra charge to you to give you confidence that you are purchasing a quality machine.

Come in and let us custom match you to the machine that suits your needs best and delivers the most value for your money.  Having a hard time finding a vacuum that works on your new carpet?  We can help!  We are the Shaw Ultra-Soft, Mohawk Ultra Silk experts.  We have done extensive testing and know what works and what does not work.  Some vacuums seem to work o.k. but do not hold up.  Some push fine but do not clean the carpet.  Some of our vacuum cleaners are so clean that we call them “Clean air Machines” because they filter 100% of dust and allergens down to .3 of a micron!  Let us match you to the right machine for your particular carpet or floor. Call today (714) 879-8900